omes with natural traditional best treatment, our massage treatment are using traditional ingredients and gives you freshness after get tired whole day. Try our massage and relaxate our whole body!. There are five types of massage treatment which you can choose:

Traditional massage

Traditional massage using a signature cream that gives relaxation effect and relieves stresses.

Dry Massage

Traditional massage technique without using oil, focusing the massage on neck, shoulders, and your back. This kind of treatment is very suitable for dynamic urban people relaxation.

Aromatherapy Massage

A traditional massage using selected aromatherapy oil, which is gives relaxation effect and relieves stresses.

Muscular Sprain Massage

A treatment that focusing in curing muscle sprain/stiff muscle by using special massage technique. Our therapist are using signature oil that gives a warm effect on your skin and muscle.

VIP Reflexy Massage

A combination between traditional massage with reflexy massage focusing on pressure on the spots of body blood circulation which is located on body and foot.

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